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There is a saying that 'you don't miss the water till the well runs dry'. How true it is when it comes to putting together a family tree. As young people, some of us took for granted the older family members and didn't listen or record their life stories and experiences. The years pass and some of us have now become the older generation only to discover how little we know of the generations that have gone before us.

The reason for this website is that I can record the information I have gathered over the last number of
years so that it can be passed on to the generations coming after me. I have researched the different branches of my family tree: - the Murtagh's, Harrington's, Byrne's, Bradley's and Taaffe's. The main locations associated with these family members in Ireland are Dublin, Meath and Cork. As with most Irish families, some family members have emigrated over the past hundred years to England, Canada, United States and Australia.

You are welcome to join me on my journey of discovery and perhaps contribute to missing information. For obvious reasons a website such as this will always be a work in progress as the trail becomes more challenging the further back one goes in time.


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